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Ground transportation service
international / domestic 

Specialized service to transport land cargo with coverage in North and Central America. Transport your merchandise to and from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

We provide consolidated transportation service (LTL) with weekly departures from Guadalajara, León and Mexico City to Ciudad Hidalgo. Departures from Ciudad Hidalgo to Central America every Friday. Daily departures to the United States and Canada.

We design and develop logistics solutions according to the specific needs of our clients in each shipment.


Shipping mode in which a dedicated truck transports the cargo without sharing the unit's space during the journey. We have refrigerated units, 48 and 53 feet.

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It is a perfect solution for transporting cargo by land with a volume greater than 10 pallets, or if the space of a full truck is needed for shipping. 

Less than truck load (LTL)

Shipping mode in which a truck transports the cargo of several consignees, sharing the space in one truck.


It is a cheaper method for shipping goods in small quantities. You pay only  by the space used in the truck divided between several consignees.

Domestic land transport

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Point-to-point service from any city within the Mexican Republic and with entry to the main ports of the country.

We have domestic transportation service in 53-foot units in the United States. Refrigerated, dangerous, oversized, loose cargo and special projects.

Contact information

Please fill out the following form providing the contact information and the required service.

Formulario terrestre

Land transport without borders

With the support of our correspondents in North and Central America, we provide logistical advice, always seeking the most competitive rates for our clients.

Domestic transport units (Mexico):

  • 1 Ton

  • 3.5 Tons

  • Tailless

  • Torton

  • 40 ft dry box

  • 48 ft dry box

  • 53 ft dry box

  • Refrigerated units *

International transport units
North America and Central America


  • 1 Ton

  • 3.5 Tons

  • Tailless

  • Torton


  • 40 ft dry box

  • 48 ft dry box

  • 53 ft dry box

  • Refrigerated units *

We quote your import or export land shipments, just fill out our form and one of our agents will contact you.

* Refrigerated cargo only available in FTL service

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Why choose Ancora?

  • We have direct service and / or transshipment at the main border crossings with the United States.

  • Door-to-door cargo monitoring with personalized tracking.

  • Temporary or dedicated storage centers in Laredo Texas, Mexico City, León, Guadalajara and Ciudad Hidalgo.

  • Weekly routes established with the most competitive rates.

  • Advice on import and export regulations.

  • An extensive network of transport agents.

  • Safe and efficient customs processes for your merchandise.

  • Ground cargo insurance available on all your shipments (Additional service).

Other services

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We cover any need to transport emergency materials and critical time.

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FCL and LCL maritime transport service in the main ports of the country.

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We quote the insurance for your shipment, covering up to 100% of its value.

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