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Cargo insurance

The risk protection insurance we offer covers the transported goods against any loss that could affect them during their transportation, handling or due to natural disasters.

Cargo Insurance provides protection to goods in transit against risks, damages, theft and losses during their national and international journey (air, sea, land and multimodal).

Coverage against all risks / full cover

Coverage against specific risks


Our insurance compensates for losses or damages that occur in goods in transit properly packed and dispatched for international transport.

With an easy contract, you can obtain the most complete policy on the market and access our experience and solvency for the peace of mind of your business.


Protect your merchandise from any mishap

  • Insurance coverage is door to door. This means that the merchandise is insured from when it is withdrawn from the warehouse of origin (of the exporter) to start its transport until it reaches the final destination that appears in the policy (warehouse of the importer).

  • We put at your disposal all our experience in the extraordinary handling that these loads require and, above all, the flexibility of our policies, in order to adapt the coverage to the specific needs of each project.

  • Declaration for shipment.

  • Floating or global policy.

Other services

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We cover any need to transport emergency materials and critical time.

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FCL and LCL maritime transport service in the main ports of the country.

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Domestic and international land transportation service LTL and FTL.

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