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With more than 17 years of experience in international trade, Ancora Logystics seeks to be distinguished by the contribution we make to our clients' operations. We provide forwarding services by air, sea and land, always seeking that each service is carried out with the greatest safety, efficiency and punctuality that the conditions of the operation allow.

We have a multimodal transport service to provide specialized transport solutions as well as a wide range of container options to transport your cargo, whether it is general, food grade, refrigerated, oversized, break bulk or IMO dangerous cargo.

We design and develop logistics solutions according to the specific requirements of our clients in each shipment.

Marine transport


Ground transportation

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Air Transport


Cargo insurance


Consulting in international trade

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Door to door services

  • Collection of merchandise at the client's facilities.

  • Ground transportation to the port of departure.

  • Export procedures, customs and coordination of maneuvers.

  • Maritime transport (container or consolidated) from port of origin to port of destination.

  • Coordination of merchandise dispatch (container or consolidated) at the destination port, reception, maneuvers, storage, deconsolidation, customs clearance and transit coordination.

  • Cargo forwarding, ground transportation to final destination.

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